Official GFNY Uruguay Host Hotel - Colonia del Sacramento

While there are dozens of accommodation options in Sebring, there are six reasons why you should stay at a GFNY partner hotel:

  1. Location: we know what makes sense from a GFNY perspective.
  2. They allow bikes in your hotel room.
  3. You are around other participants for an impromptu training ride or sharing war stories after the event.
  4. Guaranteed availability of a 6am breakfast on raceday to fuel you for the big day.
  5. We've done the research; all you need to do is book.
  6. The hotels offer discounted rates to you and not a commission to us.

If you don’t see a hotel on our list, it’s possible that the hotel either did not want to allow bikes in the sleeping rooms or did not want to offer a 6am breakfast on race morning, so if you are booking a non-official hotel, check their offers and policies directly with them.

To stay at the (recommended) Host Hotel  go to our PACKAGES section here.

Some advantages of staying at Dazzler Colonia del Sacramento, in addition to being the exact Start / Finish point: all the comforts of a new hotel, with excellent views of the bay and a modern Spa, hot and cold pools, large balconies and advanced architecture.
Before the race, it is the meeting point for the Activation Outings, and hydration upon arrival. Live together with your peers the anticipation of a great event!
After the race, imagine a recovery massage by the pool, stowing your bike a few steps from the finish line while you take a shower to go down to the Pasta Party and the awards ceremony.

We prepare UNBEATABLE packages from 3 nights, with or without registrations on the run, for riders and companions in all variations. And if your case you don't like it, we will tailor it to your needs!